Also know as Su, or Suxx, or the guy no one should mention, is a cultist kiddo who stole the Moon Children name, and Father Night name... and confuses both Lunar Children and Moon Children...

Su first appeared creating a Wix page for his cult, using Lunar Children theme, jasuable-yshdt in the url and Johnisdead as page title , she says his cult is not an ARG, she does videos about mugen, trying to make fun of him, but she loves him.

SU should never be mention, every test subject that mentions SU will be denominated SU1 and viceversa, when SU is the main theme of conversation, people will increase the attention to this conversation to high levels even to a point where speaking about him would create a hostile ambient when there is none, the only way to combat SU effects is shitposting about it and not give a shit.