April 30th, 2017 Edit

· At unkown time, Mugen starts posting a series of messages. then he deletes them. Jero reacted to those messages with eggplants, then Mugen post

/Mugen\: "I dont like to being angry because I get cruel when I get angry"

· At unkown time, /Mugen\ posted: "I have to leave because of what i'm about to say, because ___ ins't going to like it" "So once I say it, I'm leaving", Scout kicks Mugen from the server

· At unkown time, but before the last events, Mugen sent a series of messages on JID channel, We were unable to decode it, the text says:

/Mugen\:"Pretty sure the Wayward Horizon part was before"

May 1nd, 2017Edit

  • At 5:45PM EST, more /Mugen\ phrases were discovered in YSHST: Mugen Kagemaru (K♦): @JeroCrisis#9324 JOHN ARE YOU HIGH OR SOME SHIT!?